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Regular Teeth Whitening: Can It Become Addiction?

Human beings are known to go to extreme lengths in search of perfect looks. This can be ascertained by the rising demand for cosmetic surgeries. With plastic surgery being out of reach to many people because of cost, teeth whitening is cheaper, readily available and affordable.

In the quest to have whiter teeth, people are always looking for over the counter tactics, at-home whitening strategies, and in-clinic procedures. However, are people getting addicted to teeth whitening?

At what point is teeth whitening enough?  What are the dangers of whitening addiction?

For many people, teeth are never white enough. They are always seeking the next best strategies to make their teeth to look brighter and more appealing. Though dentists caution that the lovely allure achieved after a whitening session cannot last forever, the need for another session varies from person to another. However, many people look at their teeth in the mirror and get the impression that they can look better.

The main danger of getting addicted to teeth whitening is the risk of scarring the teeth and exposing the inner and most sensitive parts. This is likely to worsen the problem of sensitivity in many people. Even those who did not have teeth sensitivity issues are likely to start experiencing the problem. In other cases, progressive use of whitening agents is likely to cause a rise in respective chemicals getting into the body. To know that teeth whitening level you have achieved is ample, set the right targets.

  • Seek medical assistance to know the best level of whitening for you. You should also make sure to go for regular dental check-ups to establish whether the teeth are okay or not.
  • Set appropriate targets when going for teeth whitening. This will help to establish whether you have hit the target or additional whitening is needed.
  • Make teeth whitening personal. This means that you do not gauge whiteness of your teeth with other people. Rather, you have personal standards that give you sense of success.