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Let Us Do Comparative Study Between Inverter Technology AC and Normal AC

Most of you must be thinking that inverter AC runs on inverter when there is power supply failure like most of the electrical appliances. However, it is not so. Inverter technology converts AC power to DC so that it can regulate the speed of compressor motor. This ultimately helps in saving power consumption as compared to any normal AC. Stylish and smart LG ACs have also claimed that their future enhancement will be Inverter AC.

How does it work?

In case of any traditional AC, based on the temperature setting the compressor motor turns on and again turns off when the required temperature is achieved. However, in case of inverter technology the compressor motor always remains on. As we switch on our normal AC then its compressor motor starts running at higher speed to cool the environment as per the temperature setting.

As soon as the desired temperature is reached, it stops the compressor motor. Again, when the room temperature goes higher, the compressor motor again turns on. Thus, compressor motor turns on or off several times during the running.

In case of inverter AC, the compressor motor always remains on. When you switch on the AC the motor starts running at higher speed to cool the room. When the set temperature is reached then the compressor motor does not stop, but run at much lower speed so that the desired temperature remains maintained at the set temperature.

In case of normal AC since the motor turns on and off therefore it draws higher transient current and consumes much amount of electricity. This may happen number of times during the run. In case of inverter AC compression motor continues to run and hence no transient current consumption taking place. Compressor motor speed also keeps on varying as per the need and as a result your current consumption is lower and at the same time the temperature control is also much more consistent.

Inverter AC versus normal AC

  • In case of normal AC, we may know how much power that it will consume. However, in case of inverter AC, you are not in a position to tell exactly how much power saving will it achieve in the longer run.
  • As far as cooling efficiency is concerned inverter AC will certainly be better than any 5-star rated branded AC.
  • At present there is no rating available for inverter AC however very soon new rating method will be established where inverter AC will also be rated like any other normal AC.
  • Since there is no power rating available for inverter AC and therefore even after paying higher prices for such AC you are not very sure how much power saving this new technology will offer in the longer run.
  • If you look at the prices of both normal AC as well as inverter AC of all the brands that are available in the market, you will find that cost of inverter AC is around 20 per cent higher as compared to the traditional ACs.

Therefore, while buying AC for your room you may consider all aspects that are mentioned above.