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Six things successful men look for in a woman

Looking to be with a successful man? Here are some of the things they’re looking for.

Your hair

An alpha made cares about his reputation, so who he’s seen within public matters a great deal for him. Such a man won’t look the way at your hair looks like something out of an ad. Instead, they go for women who keep their hair a natural hue. Most of all, your hair needs to look and feel healthy- it’s to them is a sign that you live a healthy lifestyle just like they do.

Self of self

This type of man is not looking to fix you. He needs to be with someone who has their ducks in a row and know what they want. A confident woman who knows their self-worth is attractive to a man who has their life together and needs someone to enhance it. Part of the appeal comes from knowing what you bring to the table, a question you’re likely to be asked, though not overtly before he expresses interest in wanting to be with you.


A successful man is looking to have someone who has an opinion about culture, politics and current events. Make it a habit of watching the news and reading on what’s happening. Don’t know something? Pretending to understand something when you don’t is a pet peeve for most man. It is okay if you don’t know what type of Medical Device Consultants Toronto has. Instead, be honest and ask- he’d love to show you just how intelligent he is.


Part of being a graceful woman is posture. Apart from screaming class, it indicates to a man that you have proper manners, something a self-made man is looking for in a wife. It doesn’t matter how beautiful you are; slouching decreases your appeal.

Mind your gait

How you walk, though hardly surprising, is something men note. Having proper balance and posture when walking does speaks class and grace. It is something that would catch a man’s attention. It doesn’t matter what they are up to. They will stop and notice. A woman’s gait announces her presence.

Lose the text language

As you’d expect, a successful man appreciates proper grammar. That means that your written and verbal communication need to, if you’re at a corporate dinner with him, impress those around him and make him look good. Using abbreviations and misspelling words, for this caliber of men, is a deal breaker. Polish up on your English if you want to score this wealthy man.