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7 tips to enhance your casual look

Every person wants to look good and well dressed whether it be casual or formal wear. Being well dressed is a relative concept and its definition differs from one person to another. These days trend based fashion has ruined the dressing sense and style for most of the men. Trends are not long-lived and are temporary. For example, if t shirts for men are in trend. It might make you look fashionable but cannot assure you a groomed look.

Dressing is surely a skill and you can always learn and improve upon it. In this article, we’ll share some tips for men to enhance and elevate their casual look.

  1. Do not try to dress up like a boy, rather dress like a grown up man

Men generally think that if they dress like young boys, they’ll look more casual. But this thinking is wrong. If you wish to look well dressed, you should aim towards dressing as a mature person. You might not realize, but maturity is an important parameter in dressing and it is what differentiates a man from a young boy. It is a quality that will be reflected in your dressing, and people will eventually respect you for that. We are not saying that you need to dress like an old age man, it just means that stop dressing like a teenager.

2. Avoid graphic tees as far as possible

If you want that people appreciate you for your looks, it is suggested that you avoid the use of graphic tees or t shirts with wild prints. Try to use them as less as possible. Instead, go for solid colours and prints which give you a manlier look. You can also choose to wear striped t shirts, or for that matter even polo t shirts and shirts.

3. Choose the right jeans

Every man prefers to wear jeans for casual look. But you cannot just choose any pair of jeans. Avoid wearing baggy jeans. You should go for the right fit and not get carried away by the latest trends. Avoid big logos and embellishments on your jeans. They again give you a childish look which I am sure you are not looking for.

4. Include variety in your wardrobe

Casuals don’t just include jeans. You can diversify your wardrobe by including a pair of chinos, and pants in different colours. Again here be cautious in the colours you choose. Subdued colours like burgundy or green will go with all kinds of shirts and t shirts.

5. Choose classy footwear

You might feel that no one notices your footwear. But you are wrong if you think so. Don’t wear your everyday dirty sneaker. Instead you should choose to wear leather shoes in brown colour. They look classy and elegant and will surely enhance your casual look.

6. Wrist watches matter too

Let me tell you that naked wrists look boring and dull. Also, wearing the right accessories can give an amazing look to even a dull outfit. You have a choice here. If you do not feel like wearing a wrist watch, you can even choose to wear bracelets. Just make sure that the accessories you are putting on match with your personality.

7. Wear a jacket that can enhance your look

If it has to be casual, you surely won’t want to wear a suit. But you can choose to wear a fitting jacket and elevate your casual look further. You can also wear blazers, and blazers are supposed to be a man’s best friend.

These easy tips will help you enhance your casual look for sure.