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5 tips to choose the right hiking shoe 

For running, wandering, and stomping through the forest or the mountains, you need the prefect shoes.  You know why? As all the hard work done there is on your feet and to do that perfectly, they do need quality protection or they will succumb to pressure. Without right padding and protection, hiking is a real difficult task. Considering all this, you need to be very careful while you buy shoes for hiking. Here we are going to describe all the necessary information needed for buying the best hiking shoes. The top 5 tips as follows.

  1. Style of the Boot: Hiking boots are usually used especially for trekking. There are different kinds of hikers and for every different hiker, the pattern of the boot changes. Information on different boots is provided below.
  • Light Hiking shoes: These shoes look like a modified version of running shoes. For hiking during daytime, these are perfect. Some hikers like to wear lighter shoes in long distance hiking.
  • Mountaineering boots: If you are going for trekking in a territory full of snow, rocks, or glaciers, you need to use these boots. They are very tough and can stand against any difficulty while trekking.
  • Backpacking boots: If you are going on treks for a longer period of time, they are the boots to take due to their amazing durability.
  1. Boot Material: The material of the boot is another important thing to look out for while buying a boot. You need to choose the fabric carefully or you foot may become uncomfortable. Information of some best fabrics are given below.
  • Synthetic: Polyester and nylon come in this category. These materials are very light and takes very little time to dry out but are not fully water resistant.
  • Split-grain leather: This fabric is made of half synthetic and half leather. The material is breathable but again not fully water resistant.
  • Full-grain leather: Most of the boots for trekking are made of this fabric. The material is very tough and durable but it makes the boots very heavy and less breathable.
  1. Cut of Boot: You will find different cuts in trekking boots made for different kind of trekking. There are a total of three cuts, the information is given below.
  • High Cut: You will get the best balance in this boots which comes with great support too. For the adventurous people, this cut is best for travelling in dangerous places.
  • Mid Cut: This cut protects debris from entering the bot. If also gives nice support to the ankle.
  • Low Cut: This cut is not that suitable for hardcore hiking as there is a huge chance of ankle injury if you use this boot while hiking.
  1. Size of the Boot: While buying a boot, please do test the size of the boot first. Make sure you are comfortable while wearing it. Try both with socks and no socks and check the difference. Try to make sure the boot has a toe box as it makes the feet stable. Check that the heel is not floating as the floating heel is the main reason of blisters and it will make to you very uncomfortable. Get all the knowledge about insoles, lacing techniques, and socks while you are in the store.
  2. Test: Try to walk and run wearing the boots to make sure they will not give you discomfort while trekking. If they are not fitting in don’t hesitate to ask for a new pair.

These are the top 5 things you need to know while buying a boot for trekking.